Water Treatment Systems

The Water Treatment Systems section includes brief descriptions of the water treatment technologies and products offered by Northstar. Incorrect selection of products and/or water treatment technologies can be a costly mistake. Equipment selection should involve a Northstar application specialist that can assist and guide the buyer through the process. We evaluate water treatment system requirements against best available technologies and select the optimum combination to meet required objectives. Systems can be designed to permit reuse/recycle, discharge to sewer, or evaporation of your waste stream — often resulting in virtually zero wastewater discharge systems. Click below to learn more. The approach would normally involve the following minimal qualifying questions:

What is the source of the influent water and how is the water being generated?
How much water volume (hourly and daily) will need to be processed?
What are the constituents in the water that will need to be removed? (Oils, Solids, Metals, etc…)
What are the characteristics of the constituents in the water? (Free-floating oils, emulsified oils, settleable solids, suspended solids, etc…)
What is the intended use of the treated water? (Recycle, discharge to sewer, etc…)

Typically, multiple products and/or multiple water treatment technologies become part of the total solution.  Only Water Maze offers such a complete range of products and technologies. Combined with the support of Northstar, Water Maze is your best partner for wash water and industrial water treatment systems.

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