Pressure Washer Coils

Hot water pressure washer coils are known as the heart of the pressure washer, as it is where the pressurized water is heated before flowing through the nozzle.

Each coil is designed specifically for the machines it is used on, properly sized for the the amount of water flow as well as the amount of BTU’s in the chamber.

Hotsy, Alkota, Shark and Aaladin use a vertical heating coil, while other brands such as Landa and Hydrotek utilize a horizontal heating coil. Both designs are constructed for use with the particular brand and model of hot water pressure washer, and they are not interchangeable.

We offer a complete selection of coils for a number of pressure washer brands as well as coil insulation. If you are uncertain as to the exact heating coil or part that your hot water pressure washer requires, please give us a call.

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