Trigger Guns

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Trigger Guns

A good quality pressure washer gun is an important component of any system and we offer a wide selection of the best trigger guns available.

You’ll find a comprehensive collection of power washer gun and handle replacements including AP and PA guns, Hotsy and Suttner pressure washer trigger guns. As our pressure washer trigger guns are of universal design, they are commonly found on many brands of hot water or cold water pressure washers including Landa, Hotsy, and Alkota.

Specialty guns are also offered, such as our dump guns and weep guns, that have a “weep” feature allowing a small amount of water to continue running when the trigger is released. This reduces the risk of pump damage from freezing or when the unit is left in the bypass mode for an extended period of time. When using acids and other harsh chemicals, select one of our trigger guns with stainless steel valves.

Not sure which trigger gun is right for your pressure washer use? Just give us a call! We’re always happy to help!

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