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Sewer Hose Outlet

We maintain a full selection of replacement pressure washer hoses and power washer hoses for most applications. This includes standard high pressure water hose, special non-marking hose, steam hose, sewer hose, and a full-line of pressure washer hose connector parts.

Our high pressure hose comes in a choice of single wire braid 4000 PSI or dual wire braid 6000 PSI, available in 15- to 200-foot sizes. Both hose types are rated at 275 degrees F, are oil-resistant, have maximum flex and abrasion resistance and feature bend restrictors at both ends.

Dual-wire, steel-braid connector hoses, typically used for connecting hose reels to pressure washers in car-washing operations, come in increments of one-foot, from 2-foot lengths up to 25-foot sizes. Non-marking hoses come in a choice of 3000 or 4500 psi and in lengths of 50-, 75- and 100-feet.

We also carry industrial hoses such as sewer hose and carwash and wash bay hose but also have a full selection of hoses designed to replace the broken or worn out hose on your residential power or pressure washer.

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