Karcher HD Compact Class

1.8 GPM | 1300 PSI

  • Axial Drive Karcher Pump
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Easy!Force Trigger Gun
  • 7 Year Pump Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • CSA Safety Certified


Designed to move.

The HD 1.8/13 C compact cold water pressure washer offers maximum portability, maneuverability and smart features. It can be stored, transported and operated in the vertical and horizontal position, and at 55.6 lbs, this professionally built unit can easily be moved by one person in and out of vehicles and around a cleaning site. It also includes storage options for accessories.


  • Vertical and horizontal operation for maximum flexibility and stability
  • Additional carrying handle for easy loading, unloading and moving
  • Removable and easy to clean water inlet filter that protects the pump from debris
  • Rubber strap for secure storage of high pressure hose.
  • EASY!Force gun with cruise control like technology uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down so no more sore hands after hours of use

CSA Certified Karcher 7-Year Pump Warranty Easy!Force Easy!Lock Auto Shutdown  Flat Free Tires CETA Certified 


Model Part No. GPM PSI Electrical Amps Pump Drive
HD 1.8/13 C 1.520-916.0 1.8 1300 120V / 1ph 14 Karcher Axial Direct

Dimensions (LxWxH): 37″ x 15″ x 14″


Part No. Description  
4.118-005.0 EASY!Force Trigger Gun ■ 
4.112-006.0 33″ Spray Lance ■ 
6.110-034.0 33′ EASY!Lock Hose ■ 
4.117-027.0 Triple Jet Nozzle, 032 ■ 

■ Included
All listed accessories are compatible with EASY!Lock System


Part No. Description  
2.112-000.0 Inno Foam Kit
2.112-010.0 Easy Foam Set
4.112-035.0 Flexible Spray Lance
6.110-049.0 Pipe Cleaning Hose 65′, 1740 PSI
6.110-050.0 Pipe Cleaning Hose 98′, 1740 PSI
6.110-008.0 Pipe Cleaning Hose 65′, 3625 PSI
4.113-004.0 Rotating Washing Brush w/ Nylon Bristles
4.113-003.0 Rotating Washing Brush w/ Natural Fiber Bristles
2.111-011.0 Surface Cleaner FR 30
2.111-016.0 Surface Cleaner TR Classic
2.111-010.0 Surface Cleaner FRV TR 30
4.115-006.0 Wet Blasting Attachment
4.111-022.0 Nozzle Connector
4.111-037.0 Coupling
2.115-000.0 Quick-Release Coupling
2.115-001.0 Nipple

□ Optional
All listed accessories are compatible with EASY!Lock System


HD Compact Class Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher HD Compact Class
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