Cat Pump Oil, 21oz

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  • 150-68 Crankcase Oil
  • Anti-wear additives protect metal to metal drive surfaces, extending drive life
  • High oxidative and chemical stability resists deposit formations and provides consistent fluid performance
  • Premium anti-corrosion additives offer protection in the most demanding operating environments
  • 21 oz bottle
Cat Pumps
Genuine Cat Pumps OEM Parts


Part Number: 8.704-622.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 112054, 87046220
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): CA-6107

This 8.704-622.0 Cat Pump Oil is a custom blend crankcase oil exclusively designed, tested and proven to maximize the life of your Cat Pump. This special formulated premium-grade, petroleum-based, ISO 68 hydraulic oil contains the most advanced additive package to protect against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

  • Change initial fill after 50 hours initial operation. Thereafter, change oil every 3 months or at 500 hour intervals.

Cat Pumps

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