GFCI Cord, 230V 15A 37′ w/Plug

SKU 8.715-947.0 Category
  • 230V 15A
  • 37′ Cord
  • Plug Included

GFCI box style may vary from image.
Ensure the plug style matches your outlet.


Part Number: 8.715-947.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 630679, 6-01065, 87159470

GFCIs protect people and equipment by interrupting potentially lethal ground circuits exceeding 6mA. The dangers of electrical shocks have been long known – GFCIs are the only real way to be safe. Most city and county codes now require GFCI protection on power cleaning equipment.

  • UL-Listed
  • Three Wire Circuits
  • Transient Voltage Protection
  • 4-6mA Ground Fault Protection
  • Grounded Neutral Protection
  • Mechanical Trip Indicator
  • Compact Size
  • Rugged Construction
  • Radio Frequency Interference Suppression




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