Gas Regulator, LP Integral 2 Stage

SKU 8.717-749.0 Category
  • Liquid Propane (LP)
  • 1/4″ FNPT Inlet
  • 3/4″ FNTP Outlet
  • Outlet Pressure Setting – 11″ w.c.
  • Outlet Pressure Range – 9″ to 13″ w.c.



Part Number: 8.717-749.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 7-10052, 87177490
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN): R632-CFF

This 8.717-749.0 Propane Gas Regulator is also known as an Integral Two-Stage Gas Regulator as it combines a first stage and second stage regulator into one unit. This compact gas regulator is designed for installations of 30 ft or less piping distance. Fisher integral two-stage regulators are easily identified by their Gray Color.

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