Karcher EB 30/1

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  • Cordless electric sweeper designed for commercial applications
  • Flexible and professional interim cleanup
  • Powerful, rechargeable battery provides for up to 45 minutes of operation on hard surface, and up to 30 minutes on carpet
  • Extremely quiet operation – for use in noise sensitive areas
  • Innovative universal joint with parking position

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The quick clean-up tool.

This ultra-quiet and compact sweeper is perfect for quick cleanups in busy and crowded areas. The rechargeable battery pack ensures safety by eliminating trip hazards. It’s built to handle small cleaning jobs in professional working environments.

US Green Building Council LEED Seal


Technical Specifications
Cleaning pathInch12
Container capacityCubic Inch67
Operating noise leveldBA56
Battery runtimeMin30-45
Standard battery charge timeHour5
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inch10 x 12 x 43


Part NoDescription
1.545-121.0EB 30/1, 12 inch, lithium-ion battery-operated sweeper


Part No.Description
6.654-328.0Lithium-ion battery for EB 30/1
6.654-197.0Battery charger
4.762-400.0Cylindrical brush
4.762-401.0Cylindrical stiff red brush, for hard-wearing surfaces

■ Included  □ Optional


Product Sheet - Karcher EB 30/1
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