Karcher BD 50/55 W Bp Classic

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  • 33.5″ Suction Bar
  • 20″ Cleaning Width
  • Compact design allows easy handling in congested areas.
  • Maneuverable in corridors of 4.5-feet.
  • Four-wheel system makes transportation both easier and more adaptable.
  • Die-cast aluminum scrub deck and squeegee assembly provides durability and ensure machine readiness.


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Our battery-powered walk-behind scrubber BD 50/55 W Classic Bp impresses with robust and long-lasting components such as the disc brush head and the squeegee (33.5-inch) made from high-quality aluminum 59 lb. brush contact pressure, 14.5-gallon tanks and 20-inch working width ensure top-class results on up to 21,500 ft² per hour maintenance cleaning, e.g., in public buildings, retail, the health sector or in industry. The very compact design, the comfortable four-wheel system, and the support from the integrated traction drive enable an excellent overview of the areas to be cleaned, very good maneuverability, and long, fatigue-free applications. This is why our building service contractors appreciate the user-friendly and versatile BD 50/55 W Classic Bp in daily cleaning applications.

Part Number:
9.998-002.0, 99980020


Technical Specifications    
Cleaning path/width Inch 20
Brush type   Pad
Brush quantity Units 1
Brush diameter Inch 20
Suction bar (squeegee) width Inch 33.5
Drive   Traction
Solution/recovery capacity Gal 14.5 / 14.5
Theoretical/practical productivity Sq Ft/Hr 27,500 / 17,500
Operating noise level dBA 65
Battery charger   Shelf
Brush contact pressure Lbs 59
Brush speed RPM 180
Vac motor rating Watts 500
Vac motor suction cfm 51
Waterlift In of Water 48
Weight with batteries Lbs 379
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 52 x 22.5 x 42


Part No Description
9.998-002.0 BD 50/55 W Bp Classic, 24V/100Ah AGM batteries, shelf charger


Part No. Description  
4.778-008.0 Squeegee, 33.5 in., parabolic
4.400-011.0 Suction blades, 33 in., red
4.762-534.0 Pad Driver
4.400-005.0 Suction blades, 33 in., transparent
2.644-228.0 Add-on kit, deflector roil squeegee, stackable
4.905-026.0 Disc brush, medium
4.905-028.0 Disc brush, very soft
4.905-027.0 Disc brush, soft
4.905-029.0 Disc brush, hard
4.070-075.0 Universal hook kit
4.039-271.0 Mop holder
5.035-488.0 Home-base adapter
6.980-077.0 Double hook
6.980-078.0 Holder handhold, grey
6.980-080.0 Holder bottle

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BD Classic Series Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher BD Classic Series
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