Karcher BD 50/50 C Bp Classic

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  • Pad Scrub Deck
  • 33″ Suction Bar
  • 20″ Cleaning Path Width
  • Three cleaning modes for any operator to get the job done right
  • The slim design allows you to see in front of the scrubber easier
  • Home Base kit allows for carrying essentials on the machines
  • Available with Wet or AGM Batteries


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Professional cleaning, now made easier.

The battery-powered 20″ walk-behind scrubber drier is a perfect fit for service centers, automotive and truck shops, contract cleaners, retail, school and healthcare cleaning needs. The easy to operate auto-scrubber provides practical cleaning performance of 13,200 ft2/hour. The BD 50/50 C Classic features wet or AGM batteries with shelf charger, 20″ pad driver, curved squeegee, Home Base rail system and battery level and hour display. 3 modes of cleaning: Normal mode – Scrubbing and vacuuming. Intense mode – Scrubbing only. Vacuum mode – Vacuum only. Home Base rail allows user to attach manual cleaning tools for quick touch ups and less visits to the supply closet. Productive. Efficient and simple to operate.

Easy Operation USGBC Leed Rating


13.2/13.2 Gal

Cleaning Path

20 in.


Technical Specifications    
Cleaning path / width Inch 20
Brush type   Pad
Brush quantity Units 1
Brush diameter Inch 20
Suction bar (squeegee) width Inch 33
Drive   Pad-Assist
Solution / recovery capacity Gal 13.2 / 13.2
Theoretical / practical productivity Sq Ft / Hr 21,530 / 13,995
Operating noise leve – std / Eco! mode dBA 66
Battery charger   Shelf
Brush contact pressure Lbs 59-62
Brush speed RPM 180
Vac motor rating Watts 500
Vac motor suction CFM 51
Waterlift In of Water 48
Weight with batteries Lbs 306
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 47 x 21 x 39


Part No Description
9.841-369.0 BD 50/50 C Bp Pad and Brush, 24V/105 Ah wet battery
9.841-370.0 BD 50/50 C Bp Pad and Brush, 24V/105 Ah AGM battery


Part No. Description  
4.762-534.0 Pad driver, 20 in. (feat. quick-change coupler and centerlock)
4.777-179.0 V-shaped squeegee, 900 mm w/caster, polyurethane
6.273-023.0 Oil resistant, replacement squeegee blades
4.905-027.0 Disc brush, soft, natural fibers – for cleaning and polishing
4.905-029.0 Disc brush, hard black – for stubborn dirt and basic cleaning
4.905-026.0 Disc brush, medium grit red – for general cleaning
6.369-079.0 Red disc pad, 20″, medium soft – for all types of floors (5 pk)
6.369-078.0 Green disc pad, 20″, aggressive – for heavily soiled floors & deep cleaning (5 pk)
6.369-077.0 Black disc pad, 20″, hard – for heavily soiled floors & deep cleaning (5 pk)
6.369-468.0 Beige disc pad, 20″, light grit – for polishing hard & elastic smooth floor coverings (5 pk)
6.371-146.0 Beige disc pad, 20″, soft natural hair – for polishing
4.777-401.0 Squeegee, 33.5″ straight, oil-resistant polyurethane – for smooth floors
5.035-488.0 Home Base Kit (adapter & cable hook)
6.980-077.0 Double hook (requires Home Base kit)
4.035-406.0 Home Base kit carrying case
6.980-078.0 Mop clip (requires Home Base kit)
6.980-080.0 Bottle hook (requires Home Base kit)
4.070-075.0 Universal hook
8.641-483.0 Charger for wet batteries
8.629-377.0 Charger for AGM batteries

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BD Classic Series Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher BD Classic Series
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