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Washworld’s best-selling Razor earns the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. With an emphasis on simplicity of use, reduced maintenance and stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last.

Washworld Razor

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The Washworld Razor is an innovative, touch-free, in-bay automatic car wash that continues to transform touch-free car washing. Razor earns its reputation as one of the hardest-working machines on the market. Built to last, Razor’s corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction can withstand nearly any condition in any climate – resulting in fewer maintenance calls and longer up-time. The Razor combines the mark of quality, the feature-rich experience, and the reputation for excellence that Washworld is known for around the world.


Standard Features

In-Bay Wall Mount System – Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel travel rails (27’ 4” overall length)
  • Stainless steel wall mounting hardware
  • Floor mounted blue reflectors for visual guidance
  • Wash bay stop / backup loading eye wall mounting kit – Standard bays
Overhead Carriage and Trolley Frame – Laser Cut Stainless Steel
  • Variable frequency controlled belt drive carriage and trolley movement
  • Stainless steel contouring spray arch with variable frequency control
  • VS 2 ® (Vehicle Sizing System)
  • Virtual Attendant® – Maneuvers around wide mirrors and trailer hitches
  • Visorclean – Nozzles strategically placed to clean under rear visor
  • Spray arch cover – Rotationally molded polyethylene composite material
  • Replaceable nozzle protector – Cross linked polyethylene foam
  • Stainless steel carriage, totally enclosed climate proof motors and gearboxes with precise movement and minimal rolling resistance
  • Energy chain – No festoon, overhead cross brace or overhead swivel
  • Flex Pass® carriage manifold
  • Triple pass technology for optimal front and rear cleaning
  • Bug A’Salt™ technology for additional seasonal cleaning
  • Arch mirror detailing – Arch will turn to clean and rinse side mirrors
  • Attention grabbing blue LED highlighting the Razor® entrance cover
Solution Delivery System – Powder Coated Carbon Steel Pump Station
  • Cat 3535 Pump / 25 HP premium high efficiency ODP motor
  • Variable flow and pressure with water conservation system
  • High flow multiple stage solution delivery pump system
  • Composite direct injection / No drift chemical metering system
  • Electronic air regulator – Allows for each foaming application to have its own pre-set air pressure
  • 3 Separate pre-soak applications
  • 2 High pressure sealant / Drying agent applications
  • 1 Low pressure drying agent / Protectant application
  • Dual inlet low pressure source selection (hot and cold)
Ultimate Control Cabinet
  • Electrical control panel 208VAC (soft start and stop variable frequency motor controls on carriage, trolley and arch)
  • Washview® On-Site control interface (complete programming flexibility)
  • Complete on-site programming and diagnostic capability
  • Wash activation buy-up compatibility
  • Comprehensive integrated security system
  • In-bay voice module to communicate Razor® actions to customer
  • Waterproof hand held RF remote control for manual movement and machine function
  • Auto home feature

Optional Features

Razor® System Options
  • Razor On-Board Dryer system options
    • 30 HP (4 – 7.5 HP motors)
    • 30 HP (3 – 10 HP motors)
    • 40 HP (4 – 10 HP motors)
    • 45 HP (3 – 15 HP motors)
  • In-bay horizontal pump station with composite covers and in-bay stainless steel ultimate control cabinet
  • UCC power conversion kit (converts standard UCC for use with 240 VAC 3 phase 60 Hz incoming power supply)
  • Free standing frame (stainless steel or powder coated)
  • Wash bay stop / backup loading eye pedestal mounting kit – Free standing frame or non-standard bays
Wash Options
  • Tri-Color foam application system
  • Tri-Color foam application system with cold climate protection
  • Foam ‘n Flow® application system
  • HyperFlex™ – 2 product applications applied at the same time when paired with Flex Pass®
  • LumenArch™ – More than 300 dazzling blue LEDs illuminating the spray arch during product application and while idle
  • SpectraRay™ – 4,528 LEDs – red, magenta, blue and green light show during the wash process or while idle
  • SpectraRay+™ – 5,568 LEDs (red, magenta, blue and green) Mounting options: wall, pedestal mount or OBD free standing frame
  • Medium pressure R.O. pump (13 GPM @ 110 psi) includes wall mount bracket and motor starter
  • Spot free (R.O.) reject water reclaim system
  • Reclaim system adapter kit
  • Cold climate package – Heat and weep
  • Cold climate package – Heat and air blow down
  • Cold climate package – Weep only
  • Cold climate package – Heat only
  • Primary HS / Washview® MOBILE – High speed DSL or cable Internet connection capability – Internet access without a static IP address
  • Secondary HS / Washview® MOBILE – Additional high speed DSL or cable Internet connection at same location for multi-bay sites
  • Chem Alert™ – Chemical monitoring system
  • Water heater, on demand, direct vent, tank-less, natural gas
  • Water heater, 12kw high capacity electric, stainless steel tank
  • Undercarriage and Rocker Panel Blaster – 11 stainless steel nozzles; 3 on the undercarriage and 4 on each rocker panel blaster
  • Power Tower Wheel Cleaner® – 4 rotating nozzles per tower – Available with or without blue LEDs
  • Big Shot™ – Chemical tire application
  • Custom voice option for in-bay voice module
  • Through wall stainless steel bulkhead manifold – For electrical and plumbing from mechanical room to wash bay
  • Dual port injector system – To replace single injector for low pressure application (order per injector)
  • Premium door controls – Includes eyes
  • Ultimate door controls – Includes eyes
Custom Signage Options
Water Treatment Equipment
Water Reclaim Systems
High Velocity Drying Systems


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