Water Broom, 12″ w/ Wand, AP

SKU 8.701-486.0 Category
  • 12″ Wide Broom
  • 36″ Wand
  • Three (3) 65° Nozzles Included



Part Number: 8.701-486.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 084081, 87014860

This 8.701-486.0 Water Broom is excellent for sweeping away large quantities of dirt and debris from such areas as warehouse floors, concrete driveway, even rooftops!

Easily attaches to your pressure washer wand, with a 12 Inch Wide coverage and smooth rolling design. Comes with three 65 Degree nozzles and 36 inch pressure washing wand.

For larger cleaning projects, Extend to a 24 Inch broom by simply inserting a tee in between two water brooms, connecting one broom to each end, and connect the pressure washer wand to the center of the tee.

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