Waste Oil Heaters

Clean Heat, Big Savings Adding Profit to Your Business As energy costs continue to rise, it makes economic sense to heat a shop with a Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnace. A gallon of waste oil generates about 140,000 BTU’s. Considering the amount of BTU’s produced, a gallon of waste oil has a value exceeding $2.50. Why pay those expensive heating bills when you can use the fuel you generate on site. In addition to reducing heating expenses, a waste-oil furnace is an Eco-friendly, EPA approved method of reducing if not eliminating “cradle to grave” liabilities of waste-oil disposal. Our flex-oil heating systems, storage tanks and recycle centers eliminate extra handling and transportation of used oils; help avoid the possibility of used oils entering our water supplies; and save your business money by turning used petroleum products to clean, safe, FREE HEAT.
Typical payback is usually realized in 1 to 2 years

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