Car Wash Application Systems

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As part of our lineup of car wash equipment, we feature a selection of Cleaning Systems Inc. car wash application systems that maintain accurate chemical flows.

To ensure the most accurate chemical draw for each wash, the tube offers a unique check valve system that automatically measures the amount of solution drawn from your chemical containers. Add the Mizer solution distribution and application system to maintain a consistent flow of solution and water to your wash, and the ChemPod® smart chemical accumulator to dispense chemicals into most applications for multiple bays.

Plus, get the ability to easily monitor these systems from your computer, tablet, or smartphone with the iLevel remote chemical monitoring system. From one convenient dashboard, you’ll have the ability to track your average chemical use, provide cost per car analysis, and obtain information on how much chemical has been added to the reservoir. iLevel can also email alerts if a reservoir is low on chemicals or if it is depleting too quickly.

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