Oil Fired Radiant / Infrared & Forced Air Heaters

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Work faster and smarter with portable industrial heaters from Northstar Clean Concepts. From curing concrete to warming the construction site or an outdoor event space, our lineup of reliable, radiant and forced-air heaters and accessories delivers the heat you need to drive the results you demand. Get uncompromised power, and heat up your productivity and profits.

Radiant Heaters:  Are characterized by the absence of moving air, the flame generated by the burner heats the front plate which reaches high temperatures and projects heat outward. Our infrared diesel heaters also have an embedded burner with dedicated fan for a cleaner combustion. This helps to burn and stop all combustion residues, guaranteeing a clean combustion and 99.9% efficiency. Radiant Heat heats evenly like heat from sunlight and are not affected by wind, unlike forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air.  Their versatile use allows them to heat objects and spaces more efficiently than traditional heat sources.

Forced Air HeatersDiesel direct-fired portable heaters with embedded burner with combustion air obtained from the main air fan. Forced air heaters generate hot air and the combustion residues produced by the burner are expelled with the hot air and contribute to its heating. They transform all of the nominal input power (from the fuel) into heat, 100% efficiency. They are the most economical models available in terms for upfront cost and consumption. On the other hand, they can be used only in well ventilated rooms and where indirect-fired heaters are not required by law.