Pressure Washers

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Up to 5 GPM | 5000 PSI

  • Industrial Grade
  • Gasoline Powered
  • Diesel/Oil Heated


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There is a reason this model has been our most popular skid unit for over two decades - classic rugged design with a compact footprint.  Whether you drop this into the bed of a pickup or mount on a custom trailer, this gasoline-powered machine is meant to travel to wherever the dirt and grime needs to be attacked.  With models capable of delivering up to 5 gallons of water per minute and up to 5,000 PSI of surface pressure you can choose a model tailor fit for your individual cleaning application.  You will find this model a favorite among contract cleaners, facilities managers, municipalities, and oil field service companies because it delivers solid performance and unmatched reliability.

Buy with Confidence!  Landa's advertised specifications (PSI, GPM, etc.) are certified by the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association to be correct.  And, of course nearly all Landa equipment is ETL certified to UL-1776 and CSA safety standards.

Model GPM PSI Engine CC's Start Pump RPM Ship Wt.
PGHW4-30324E 3.5 3000 Honda GX390 389 Elect 1125 725
PGHW5-30024E 4.8 3000 Vanguard 16 479 Elect 1375 825
PGHW5-35324E 4.7 3500 Honda GX630 688 Elect 1360 840
PGHW4-40324E 4.0 4000 Honda GX630 688 Elect 1425 840
PGHW5-50524E 5.0 5000 Kawasaki FD2750D 745 Elect 1585 1,285

  • Rugged tri-plunger High Pressure LANDA Pump with forged brass head and 7-Year Warranty, is connected to the engine by a belt-drive assembly the features cast-iron bushing pulleys and two notched V cogged belts, which provide a cooler operation and longer life; also single-rail true-track Pulley Adjustment makes it easy to alter the belt tension.
  • Super-duty Horizontal Heating Coil, made of cold-rolled, Schedule 80 steel pipe has a 5-Year Warranty and is surrounded by an aluminized steel inner wrap and stainless steel top wrap.(PGHW5-50524E has Schedule 160 coil and all stainless outer wrap)
  • Unique lift out design allows for easy and quick coil access. Remove six bolts and the cover lifts off exposing the coil.
  • Rugged, 1-1/2 inch square tube Open-Air Frame with Forklift Guides allows easy access and serviceability and is protected by all-weather resistant Epoxy Powder Coat Finish.
  • Heavy-Duty Fuel-Water Separator has replaceable element for removing water that can damage burner fuel pump.
  • Durable polyurethane Battery Box protects battery and is in easily accessible location. (Battery not included)
  • Many Safety Features, including redundant devices such as a rupture disk, thermal pump protector and high-temperature shut down to guard against any build up of excessive pressure or heat.
  • Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and are mounted for quick access.
  • 50-ft of 3/8-inch, double braid hose featuring a 24-inch Hose Guard for burst protection.
  • Insulated, spring-loaded Trigger Gun with inline Detergent Injector and insulated, stainless steel, dual-lance Variable Pressure Wand make it easy to switch between wash and rinse modes. (PGHW5-50524E has straight-thru wand).
  • Helpful Tri-Lingual Labels with operation instructions in English, Spanish and French for owner and operator protection.
  • Conveniently located Control Panel can be relocated to front of machine and features Adjustable Thermostat to control temperature, and Hour/Tach Meter to indicate engine speed and total operating time.
  • Power Platform is mounted on vibration isolators, which extends the life of the key components.
  • Industrial-Duty Gasoline-Powered Honda, Vanguard or Kawasaki engine with overhead valves and easy-access oil drain line; all have keyed Electric Start.
  • Adjustable Detergent Valve for precise high-pressure metering of soap. Optional Steam Valve provides on-demand wet-steam cleaning. (Steam Valve standard on PGHW5-50524E).
  • Rust-free Float Tank with stainless steel inlet filter provides back flow protection and inlet Detergent Injection for applying soap while washing in high pressure mode.
  • 2,000 Watt Generator produces reliable power for burner.
  • High-efficiency Burner is mounted on the end for ease of servicing and adjustments
  • Trailer-ready with pre drilled Trailer Mounting Brackets and pre-plumbed with 3-Way Valve to bypass float tank when drawing water directly from an auxiliary tank.
  • Gasoline (5 Gal.) and diesel (10 gal.) tanks feature elevated fuel lines to prevent debris in fuel from causing damage.  (Gasoline tank is 10 gal. on PGHW5-50524E and 1.5 gal on PGHW4-30324E)
  • Steam Valve Kit
  • 4-Tire Wheel Kit
  • 100'Landa 360 degree Pivot Reel
  • 100' Landa Non-Pivot Reel
  • Vinyl Skid Cover
  • Stainless Steel Bottom Wrap
  • Vinyl Skid Cover