Pressure Washers

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Up to 4.2 GPM | 3000 PSI 

  • LanCom Wireless Remote Control Option
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Time-Delay Shutdown
  • Accepts Hot Water Up to 185°F
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  • Features
  • Field Installed Options
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This top-of-the-line stationary cold-water series features a heavy-duty stainless steel cabinet and comes standard with an insulated variable pressure wand, 50' of hose, and time-delay shutdown.  Available options include our LanCom wireless remote control, floor stand, and wall mount bracket assembly.  There's even an optional wheel kit for adding mobility, making an already top-quality machine even more flexible than before.  This unit is ideal for cleaning a variety of indoor surfaces, and can be plumbed for plug-and-wash outdoor applications as well.

Buy with Confidence!  Landa's advertised specifications (PSI, GPM, etc.) are certified by the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association to be correct.  And, of course nearly all Landa equipment is ETL certified to UL-1776 and CSA safety standards.


Model No.

GPM PSI Motor HP Electrical Amps Pump RPM SHIP WT.
SEA3-11024D 2.8 1000 2.0 120V 1 PH  20 1540 205 lbs.
SEA4-20024A 4.2 2000 6.2 230V 1 PH 28 935 280 lbs.
SEA4-20024B 4.2 2000 6.2 230V 3 PH 16 935 220 lbs.
SEA4-20024C 4.2 2000 6.2 460V 3 PH 7.2 935 220 lbs.
SEA4-20024G 4.2 2000 6.2 208V 1 PH 30 900

297 lbs.

SEA4-20024H 4.2 2000 6.2 208V 3 PH 18.5 900 220 lbs.
SEA4-30024B 3.5 3000 7.5 230V 3 PH 21.5 800 235 lbs.
SEA4-30024C 3.5 3000 7.5 460V 3 PH 10.5 800 235 lbs.
  • Industrial-grade Motor is connected to the rugged, class-leading, tri-plunger, oil-bath Landa LT High-Pressure Pump (with 7‑year warranty) by dual, heat-dissipating V-cogged belts. Pulleys are made of cast iron and can be easily adjusted by turning two bolts.
  • Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and color-coded for easy selection of spray pattern: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°.
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Cabinet rides on four Rubber Feet for absorption of vibration.
  • Add portability to the SEA with optional stainless steel Wheel Kit (#8.904-527.0), including detergent jug holder. Optional Hose Reel (#8.903-521.0) provides tangle-free handling of up to 100 ft. of high-pressure hose.
  • Inlet Filter strainer protects pump from debris.
  • 50 ft. of double steel-wire braid High Pressure Hose rated for up to 6000 PSI and with 24‑inch Hose Guard for burst protection and swivel crimp fitting for tangle-free handling of hose and trigger gun.
  • Time-Delay Shutdown automatically turns off unit, if not in use for a set time, for protection against unattended operation.
  • Insulated, fatigue-free, spring-loaded, 5000 PSI Trigger Gun with dual-lance Variable Pressure Wand make for easy cleaning and adjusting the pressure while washing.
  • 36 ft. of high-grade Electrical Cord with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (on single-phase
    models) for operator safety.
  • Many Safety Features, including a thermal pump protector to prevent the build up of excessive pressures or heat.
  • Optional rust-free Float Tank with stainless steel inlet filter and backflow protection (cannot be ordered with wheel kit option).
  • Easy-to-attach Detergent Injector for easy application of soap.
  • Helpful Tri-Lingual Labels with operating instructions in English, Spanish and French for added liability protection and operator convenience.
  • With the switch in the ‘ON’ position, the optional Auto Start/Stop function allows the unit to be turned on with the pull of the trigger for convenient remote operation. (This option replaces Time Delay Shutdown.)
  • Control the SEA from up to 300 ft. away with the LanCom Wireless Remote option. Saves time with the ability to control the SEA while on a ladder or scaffolding. Two versions available for controlling the pump and 1‑Step or 2‑Step detergent application.
  • Wall Mount Bracket for Fixed LanCom Remote
  • Floor Stand
  • Floor Stand (stainless steel)
  • Caster Wheels (Fits 35-560 Floor Stand)
  • E-Zee Hose Reel Kit (Fits 35-560 Floor Stand)
  • Wall Mount Bracket Assembly (stainless steel)
  • Hose Reel, Mini, 150 ft. (Fits Wall Bracket)
  • Hose Reel, Mini, 100 ft. (Fits Wall Bracket)
  • Wheel Kit with Detergent Rack (stainless steel)*
  • E-Zee Hose Reel & Mounting Kit (Fits Wheel Kit)
  • LanCom Wireless Remote Control, 1-Step Detergent†s
  • LanCom Wireless Remote Control, 2-Step Detergent†s
  • Remote On/Off Switch Option (Time-Delay units only)††s
  • Float Tank Option with Inlet Soap Injection*†s
  • Automatic Start/Stop (Replaces Time Delay Shutdown)†s