Modular Bioremediation Technology for Wash Water & Industrial Water

Bioremediation is the process of applying living organisms (microbes) for the purpose of breaking down organic carbon based molecules.  The metabolic process renders the organic compounds into harmless carbon dioxide and water.  Bioremediation is fundamental to nature and life on earth.

Water Maze offers a series of bioremediation products, components, and modules that enhance the natural process of remediating organic compounds within a small footprint.

In some cases, these BioSystem products can be applied as a stand alone bioremediation system.  However, in most cases, these products are applied as a component within an overall system.  THe Water Maze BioSystem employs the latest aerobic bio-technology for treating a broad range of wash water and industrial waste streams such as: water generated from washing golf and turf equipment; water generated from washing solid waste disposal equipment (ie., trucks and trailers); and wash water with emulsified hydrocarbons (oils).

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