Karcher NT 40/1 Tact Te HEPA Wet-Dry

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Lifetime Warranty on Tank and Motor

  • Large wheels and front swivel casters for easy maneuverability
  • Self-cleaning filter with our Tact system
  • Drain hose allows user to empty unit directly into a drain
  • Metal wand, floor tool, crevice tool and washable nylon filter are included with each NT wet / dry vacuum.
  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage
  • HEPA filter is standard



The NT 40/1 Tact Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the ideal machine for everyone who places as much importance on a large container capacity as they do on a high degree of mobility. Its rugged 10.3 gallon tank, which easily accommodates all types of dust and dirt, from fine to coarse, as well as liquids, also has a bumper and durable metal castors. Long, uninterrupted work intervals are possible at any time. This is particularly ensured by the outstanding Tact filter cleaning system and the moisture-resistant PES flat pleated filter. The new central rotary switch for selection of the suction setting, infinitely variable speed control, and the integrated power outlet guarantee convenient operation. The compact dimensions of the machine make for easier handling and transport; an ergonomic push handle, which can be quickly assembled or disassembled, is also available as an option. Whether in the production hall, in the workshop or on site: all operators will benefit from the extensive and newly developed range of accessories which can be directly stored or secured on and in the machine.

USGBC Leed Rating  Limited Lifetime Tank & Motor Warranty 

Part Number: 1.148-316.0, 11483160


Technical Specifcations    
Vacuum width, floor tool Inch 14
Vacuum hose length Ft 13
Power cord length Ft 25
Waste container capacity Gal 10.3
Operating noise level dBA 68
Air flow rate CFM 150
Waterlift In of Water 102
Motor Watts 1,380
Weight Lbs 32
Dimensions (LxWxH) Inch 22 x 14.5 x 25.7


Part No Description
1.148-316.0 NT 40/1 Tact TE


Part No. Description  
2.889-192.0 Stainless steel vacuum tube set
2.889-135.0 Vacuum hose, 13 ft.
2.889-134.0 Vacuum hose, 8 ft.
2.889-170.0 Ergonomic bend
2.889-152.0 Wet and dry floor nozzle
2.889-159.0 Crevice nozzle
2.889-151.0 Power tool adapter
2.889-155.0 Fleece filter bags 
6.907-629.0 HEPA filter

Part No. Description  
2.643-868.0 Push handle
2.889-137.0 Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 13 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-136.0 Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 8 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-164.0 Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 8 ft, heat-resistant
2.889-172.0 Ergonomic bend 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), w/ soft grip, electrically conductive
2.889-148.0 Ergonomic bend 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), w/ soft grip and vacuum power regulator
6.907-455.0 Flat pleated filter PTFE
2.679-000.0 Drilling dust nozzle 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35)
2.889-138.0 Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft
2.889-139.0 Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 8 ft
2.889-141.0 Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-140.0 Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft, oil-resistant
2.889-171.0 Ergonomic bend 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), w/ soft grip
2.889-172.0 Ergonomic bend 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), w/ soft grip, electrically conductive
2.889-194.0 Set of vacuum tubes 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), two 1.8 ft, stainless steel
6.907-629.0 HEPA filter
2.889-174.0 Wide wet and dry floor nozzle with easily changeable inserts for wet/dry applications
5.453-042.0 Power tool adapter (fits 1.06″-1.10″, 1.25″-1.32″, 1.37″-1.44″, and 1.47″-1.50″ OD shrouds)
5.453-016.0 Power tool adapter (fits 1.06″-1.070″, 1.27″-1.30″, and 1.40″-1.41″ OD shrouds)
5.407-108.0 Power tool adapter (connects to 40mm hose, screws into 35 mm hose or 5.453-016.0 adapter)
2.637-217.0 Power tool “Y” adapter
5.453-085.0 Power tool adapter sleeve, 40 x 50mm
5.407-113.0 Reducer, DN 40 to DN 35 hose connection
5.031-703.0 Tension ring (order with 5.407-133.0)

■ Included □ Optional


NT Tact Series Product Sheet Product Sheet – Karcher NT Tact Series
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