Karcher Mojave Series

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Up to 5.0 GPM | 3000 PSI

  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Karcher 4-Pole Motor
  • EASY!Force Trigger Gun
  • Steam Mode (Premium Models)
  • Servo Control (Premium Models)
  • 7 Year Pump Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • ETL Safety Certified

Models shown may include optional features

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Robust and innovative.

The new Kärcher Mojave series is the perfect all-around machine for a variety of applications and industries, including agriculture, automotive, and transportation. The machines deliver the highest performance for best cleaning results – all combined in a robust package.  The high quality components are engineered for a long product lifetime and give the Mojave Series some of the most unique features in the market.


  • Standard auto start/stop
  • Equipped with EASY!Force accessories, hour meter, status LED, crane hook, and other upgraded features
  • Stream stage, Servo Control, and stainless steel side panels included on Premium units

ETL Listed Karcher 7 Year Pump Warranty Easy!Force Easy!Lock Servo Control Flat Free Tires Biodiesel


ModelPart No.GPMPSIElectrialAmpsSteam ModePressure Adj.
HDS 30/20-4 Ea/Eg Std.1.109-153.03.02000208-230V / 1ph26NoUnloader
HDS 3.5/30-4 Ea Std.1.109-155.03.53000230V / 1ph35NoUnloader
HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea Prem.1.109-157.04.02000230V / 1ph30YesServo Control
HDS 4.0/20-4 Eh/Eb Ea Prem.1.109-158.04.02000208-230V / 1ph24YesServo Control
HDS 4.0/20-4 Ec Prem.1.109-159.04.02000460V / 3ph12YesServo Control
HDS 4/.0/30-4 Eh/Eb Prem.1.109-163.04.03000208-230V / 3ph30YesServo Control
HDS 4.0/30-4 Ec Prem.1.109-164.04.03000460V / 3ph14YesServo Control
HDS 4.0-30-4 Ef Prem.1.109-165.04.03000460V / 3ph12YesServo Control
HDS 5.0/30-4 Eh/Eb Prem.1.109-166.05.03000208-230V / 3ph34YesServo Control
HDS 5.0/30-4 Ec Prem.1.109-167.05.03000460V / 3ph16YesServo Control
HDS 5.0/30-4 Ef Prem.1.109-168.05.03000575V / 3ph13YesServo Control


Part No.Description
4.118-005.0EASY!Force Trigger Gun
4.112-000.041″ Spray Lance
6.110-029.050′ EASY!Lock Longlife Hose w/ ANTI!Twist Connection (Prem. Models Only)
6.110-030.050′ EASY!Lock Hose with ANTI!Twist Connection (Std. Models)
2.113-007.0Power Nozzle 25042 (for HDS 3.0/20-4 Ea/Eg)
2.113-021.0Power Nozzle 25040 (for HDS 3.5/30-4 Ea)
4.115-020.0Power Nozzle 25058 (for HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea)
2.114-008.0Steam Nozzle (included on HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea)
4.118-008.0Servo Control Dial (included on HDS 4.0/20-4 Ea)
8.750-685.0100′ Pivot Reel
9.808-276.0Hose Reel Bracket Kit (hose reel not included)

■ Included – compatible with EASY!Lock System
□ Optional
– NOT compatible with EASY!Lock System


Product Sheet - Karcher Mojave Series
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