Karcher HD 7.9/72-4 Cage Ec

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7.9 GPM | 7200 PSI

  • Electric Motor
  • Crankshaft Pump
  • One-Button Operation
  • 7 Year Pump Warranty
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • UL Listed

Model shown may include optional features

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Maximum power in a compact package.

The HD 7.9/72-4 Cage Ec high pressure cleaner feature one-button operation and an automatic pressure relief valve. This makes the machine easy to use, while deliver the most powerful cleaning performance in its class for a variety of applications.


  • Built-in pressure relief valve reduces pressure in the hose, remaining flexible when the trigger gun is closed
  • Pressure increases gradually when activating the trigger gun, preventing sudden jolts
  • Large wheels, crane hook and an optimal center of gravity ensure easy transportation, even over rough terrain

UL Listed Karcher 7 Year Pump Warranty Flat Free Tires


ModelPart No.GPMPSIMax Inlet Temp.PumpDriveMotor Rating
HD 7.9/72-4 Ec1.367-163.07.97200140° FCrankshaftE-Motor 460V30 kW / 41 HP


Part No.Description
4.775-824.0Karcher Industry Gun
4.760-679.028″ Spray Lance (up to 9,280 PSI)■ 
6.391-847.066′ Pressure Hose (up to 8.990 PSI)■ 
5.765-263.0Flat Jet nozzle, 060■ 
2.637-017.0Add-on Kit Pre Pressure Pump
2.639-251.0Shoulder Support
4.760-653.041″ Spray Lance (up to 9,280 PSI)
4.760-675.060″ Spray Lance (up to 9,280 PSI)
4.760-677.081″ Spray Lance (up to 9,280 PSI)
4.403-004.0Hose Coupling
6.391-846.033′ Pressure Hose (up to 8,990 PSI)
6.391-019.0100′ Pressure Hose (up to 8,990 PSI)
2.113-073.0Flat Jet Nozzle, 075 (5,075 PSI)
2.113-075.0Flat Jet Nozzle, 095 (3,625 PSI)
2.113-077.0Flat Jet Nozzle, 120 (2,175 PSI)
5.765-264.0Point Jet Nozzle, 060
2.113-074.0Point Jet Nozzle, 075 (5,075 PSI)
2.113-076.0Point Jet Nozzle, 095 (3,625 PSI)
2.113-078.0Point Jet Nozzle, 120 (2,175 PSI)
Part No.Description
6.415-060.0F9 Power Rotary Jet (7,200 PSI)
6.025-526.0F9 Power Rotary Jet Repair Kit
6.025-233.0Tool for Changing Rotor Set
6.392-401.033′ Pipe Cleaning Hose
6.392-402.066′ Pipe Cleaning Hose
6.392-403.0100′ Pipe Cleaning Hose
6.470-223.0Foot valve
6.025-527.0Pipe Cleaning Nozzle, Standard 060
6.025-528.0Pipe Cleaning Nozzle, Quattro 060
6.025-529.0Pip Cleaning Nozzle, Rotary 060
6.025-257.0Mounting Tool for Nozzle Kit
9.917-716.0Abrasive Blaster
9.886-552.0F98 3-Nozzle Kit for Abrasive Blaster
6.025-308.0Abrasive Material Hose
6.025-258.0Suction Lance
5.401-325.0Adapter M20 to UNF
2.643-577.0FRI 50 Me Industrial Surface Cleaner, 20″
6.415-059.0Nozzle Kit for FRI 50 Me

■ Included  □ Optional


Product Sheet - Karcher HD 7.9/72-4 Cage Ec
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