General Pump Kit 1, Valve Assembly

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  • Genuine Interpump / General Pump Kit

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair


Part Number: 8.702-798.0
OEM / Old Part Number(s): 1-0001, 103001G, 726338, 87027980
General Pump Item Numbers: K01, Kit 1

This General Pump Valve Kit 1, contains 6 valves for replacing discharge and inlet valves on General Pump and Interpump brand pumps.

See Additional Information for a complete list of compatible pumps.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 1.75 × 5 in

T1011, T1321, T1631, T731, T9051EBF, T921, T9211, T9281, T9721, T9731, T991, T9951, T9971, TS1011, TS1021, TS1321, TS1331-B, TS1511, TS2011, TS2021, TT2028, TT2035, TT9061, TT9071, TT9111, TT941, TT9441


W101, W132, W163, W92, W921, W928, W972, W973, W99, W995, W997, WS101, WS132, WS151, WS201, WS202, WW906, WW907, WW94, WW944

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