Karcher Valve Kit

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  • Six (6) Check Valves

*One (1) kit is required for complete pump repair.





Part Number: 8.753-349.0-KAR
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87533490, 8.752-853.0, 87528530

The 8.753-349.0 Pressure Washer Pump Valve Kit contains SIX valves, six valve o-rings and six pump manifold bolt o-rings. One kit will service one Pump.

High pressure pump inlet and discharge valves can be damaged by pump cavitation, causing low pressure issues. Dirty or stuck valves can cause low pressure issues as well as a pump that runs rough. If you are experiencing these issues with your high pressure pump, it may be advisable to replace the inlet valves and discharge valves found in the pump head.

For use in Karcher Pump Models: KX1036.2, KX9536.2

Karcher Pump Models

KX1036.2, KX9636.2

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