Karcher Ceramic Plunger Kit, 18mm

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  • 18mm Ceramic Plunger Kit
  • Services one (1) cylinder

*Three (3) kits are required for complete pump repair




Part Number: 9.802-629.0-KAR
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 70-261217, 98026290, X98026290

This 18 mm Karcher Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit includes ONE (1) each of the following: 18mm ceramic piston sleeve, plunger bolt, o-ring and copper spacer. Please purchase three (3) kits to replace all ceramic pistons in a pump.

Damage caused by a broken ceramic piston sleeve may result in the replacement of a high pressure power washer pump. One sign of a cracked or broken ceramic plunger sleeve is pump oil contaminated with water, which typically appears as a milky look of the pump oil. A severely contaminated specimen may be very thick pump oil. Obviously, the pump oil will require changing, but failure to also inspect and replace broken ceramic piston sleeves may ultimately cause fatal damage to your pressure washer pump.

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