Beckett Igniter Assembly 5270001U, 12VDC

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  • ADC Burners
  • 12V DC
  • 14,000 volt spark
  • Solid-State Technology
  • Bottom Mount
  • With Timer Eye




Part Number: 8.751-784.0
Cross Reference Part Number(s): 5049, 079670, 079671, 7-515241, 7-515242, 723364, 87011310, 87248520, 87517840, 890742, 98026630
Manufacturer Item Number: 5270001U

Use this 8.751-784.0 Beckett 12 Volt Power Light Electronic Oil Igniter on gas engine driven, hot water pressure washers such as Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, Alkota and more. This new style Beckett PowerLight Igniter Model 5270001U replaces older style Beckett Models 5049, 51776U, 51499U, and 5218301U and is for use on Beckett ADC Burners.

This part number includes the Beckett Igniter WITH Baseplate.  If you choose to replace the igniter only and are not replacing the baseplate, please order Part Number 8.751-788.0

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