SolvX MP650

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Absolutely Awesome Asphalt, Grease, Oil & Tar Remover

  • Gel Sticks to Surfaces
  • Slow Evaporation Rate
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Non-Phosphate
  • NSF Registration
  • Dilution: Use Full Strength
  • Foaming Action: High
  • Size: 1 Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal

Cleaning Systems Inc.


SolvX is a high viscosity gel cleaner designed for the removing tough baked on asphalt, tar, grease, oil, road film and soot.

SolvX gel sticks to surfaces for extended dwell time. Little to no soap drips onto floor – improves efficiency (time) and economy (cost) of use. Limited evaporation.

Apply full strength only. DO NOT DILUTE.

No breathing apparatus required or end-user complaints about solvent smell.

Acceptable to waste water treatment facilities / reclaim system compatible.


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