Karcher NT 50/1 Tact Te HEPA Wet-Dry

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Lifetime Warranty on Tank and Motor

  • Bayonet and clip connections guarantee easy and secure connection of all accessory parts to the vacuum
  • Self-cleaning filter with our Tact system
  • Wider inner diameter of vacuum hoses (1-3/8 inches) is now standard
  • Even stronger and sturdier components and overall design
  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage

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Fine dust, coarse dirt and liquids: our NT 50/1 Tact Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner is truly unstoppable. Its 13.5 gallon bumpered container with metal castors and an oil-resistant drain hose as well as the height-adjustable push handle make it ideal for cleaning work spaces and machines in production facilities, workshops and on construction sites. It was designed for the most demanding customers in industry and construction who rely on professional machines and appreciate uninterrupted, dust-free working on a daily basis. This is ensured by the proven Tact filter cleaning system and the moisture-resistant PES flat pleated filter, among other things. An integrated power outlet with an automatic on/off switch makes working with power tools easier, while the new central rotary switch enables easy selection of suction settings, and the speed can be continuously adjusted with a separate knob. Extensive, newly developed accessories come as standard with this and can be easily stored in the integrated suction hose and accessory storage feature.

US Green Building Council LEED Seal Lifetime Tank & Motor Warranty


Technical Specifications
Vacuum width, floor toolInch14
Vacuum hose lengthFt13
Power cord lengthFt25
Waste container capacityGal13.5
Operating noise levelDBA68
Air flow rateCFM150
WaterliftIn of Water102
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inch22 x 14.5 x 41.1


Part NoDespcription
1.148-416.0NT 50/1 Tact TE, 13.5-gallon wet/dry vacuum with Tact


Part No.Description
2.889-192.0Stainless steel vacuum tube set
2.889-135.0Vacuum hose, 13 ft.
2.889-134.0Vacuum hose, 8 ft.
2.889-170.0Ergonomic bend
2.889-152.0Wet and dry floor nozzle
2.889-159.0Crevice nozzle
2.889-151.0Power tool adapter
2.889-154.0Fleece filter bags - 30L
6.907-629.0HEPA filter

■ Included


2.889-137.0Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 13 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-136.0Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 8 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-164.0Vacuum hose 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), 8 ft, heat-resistant
2.889-172.0Ergonomic bend 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), w/ soft grip, electrically conductive
2.889-148.0Ergonomic bend 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35), w/ soft grip and vacuum power regulator
6.907-455.0Flat pleated filter PTFE
2.679-000.0Drilling dust nozzle 1-3/8″ dia. (DN 35)
2.889-138.0Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft
2.889-139.0Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 8 ft
2.89-141.0Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft, electrically conductive
2.889-140.0Vacuum hose 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), 13 ft, oil-resistant
2.889-171.0Ergonomic bend 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), w/ soft grip
2.889-172.0Ergonomic bend 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), w/ soft grip, electrically conductive
2.889-194.0Set of vacuum tubes 1-5/8″ dia. (DN 40), two 1.8 ft, stainless steel
6.907-629.0HEPA filter
5.453-042.0Power tool adapter (fits 1.06″-1.10″, 1.25″-1.32″, 1.37″-1.44″, and 1.47″-1.50″ OD shrouds)
5.453-016.0Power tool adapter (fits 1.06″-1.070″, 1.27″-1.30″, and 1.40″-1.41″ OD shrouds)
5.407-108.0Power tool adapter (connects to 40mm hose, screws into 35 mm hose or 5.453-016.0 adapter)
2.637-217.0Power tool "Y" adapter
5.453-085.0Power tool adapter sleeve, 40 x 50mm
5.407-113.0Reducer, DN 40 to DN 35 hose connection
5.031-703.0Tension ring (order with 5.407-133.0)

□ Optional


Product Sheet - Karcher NT TACT Series
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