Karcher BV 11/1 VAC PAC 10 HEPA

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  • HEPA filtration is now standard, providing optimum air quality by filtering with 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns
  • Vacuum hose is a top-mounted swivel design for left-hand and right-hand operation

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Breathe easy with HEPA filtration.

The Kärcher BV 11/1 HEPA backpack vacuum is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to wear and easy to use. The power switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator. A chest strap ensures better weight distribution and operator comfort. A swivel hose connection is integral to the design for both left-hand and right-hand operators. Included vacuum attachments stow conveniently on the harness for easy accessibility. In addition, the quiet operation of the BV 11/1 HEPA allows for daytime cleaning. The ten quart filter bag provides extra volume for additional productivity. To ensure ultimate air quality, the vacuum is designed with four-stage vacuum filtration. A powerful 1.7 hp vacuum motor powers the BV 11/1 HEPA backpack vacuum’s rugged construction and simple design for increased durability.

US Green Building Council LEED Seal Carpet And Rug Institute Seal


Technical Specifications
Vacuum width, floor toolInch13
Vacuum hose lengthInch60
Power cord lengthFeet50
Waste container capacityQt10
Operating noise leveldBA67
Air flow rateCFM112
WaterliftInches of104
Dimensions (LxWxH)Inch8.5 x 8.8 x 23.7


Part NoDescription
1.014-014.0BV 11/1 VAC PAC 10 HEPA backpack vacuum, 10 qt. (includes hose and tool kit)


Part No.Description
8.628-866.0Wand, 2 PC aluminum double curve
8.619-894.0Hose assembly
8.619-884.0Cloth bag
8.619-88510-pack, 10Qt paper bags
8.619-887.0Filter Dome
8.604-141.0VAC PACTM tool kit*
8.628-451.0Crevice tool
8.600-008.05″ Upholstery tool
8.628-360.0Upholstery brush
8.600-007.03″ Dusting tool with adapter
8.628-445.0Carpet tool
8.628-444.0Bristle shod dry pick-up tool
8.619-876.0VAC PACTM crevice tool
8.631-254.0Harness assembly
8.642-914.015″ Sidewinder carpet tool with 1.5″ neck
8.642-915.015″ Sidewinder hard floor brush with 1.5″ neck
8.642-916.018″ Sidewinder carpet tool with 1.5″ neck
8.642-917.018″ Sidewinder hard floor brush with 1.5″ neck

*VAC PACTM tool kit includes: 20″ extension tube (8.600-009.0) and items marked with †

■ Included  □ Optional


Product Sheet - Karcher BV/VAC PAC HEPA Series
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