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Alkota Vacuum Recovery System

Vacuum Blower Recovery System

  • Vanguard Engines
  • Sutorbilt Vacuum Pump
  • Up to 350 CFM of recovery suction
  • Capture up to 98% of waste water
  • Connect to VSF-1 for high volume performance filtering

Pressure Washer Vacuum Recovery system will capture your wash water so you can, store, filter or dispose of depending on your needs.


ModelPart NoCapacityHG LiftEngine
VACGD188-VACGD-00000BUp to 225 CFM10″ Hg18 HP Vanguard
VACGD238-VACGD-000000Up to 350 CFM10″ Hg23 HP Vanguard
VACGD358-VACGD-00000DUp to 495 CFM14″ Hg35 HP Vanguard



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