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Up to 4.7 GPM | 3500 PSI

  • Industrial Duty
  • Diesel Powered
  • Diesel/Oil Heated
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This series fills the gap for those who are looking for the versatility of a compact pressure washer with the ruggedness and cleaning power of a full-sized skid unit.  It's packed with features and options that make it highly adaptable for use in a variety of different applications.  You'll find a 2,900-watt generator that provides plenty of power for the burner, as well a 120V outlet for low wattage needs; forklift guides for easy transporting, mounting brackets to attach to a trailer, and an oversize, tilt-out fuel tank that will assure you have hours of uninterrupted cleaning.  A sturdy steel frame is available in a polyester powder coat finish and added weather protection, or all-stainless steel for the ultimate insurance in high corrosion environments, making this unit the ideal choice for an offshore oil drilling operation.  Highly versatile, and built with the same attention to quality you have come to expect from Landa, the PHDW is a great all-around "midsize" choice for all your cleaning needs!

Buy with Confidence!  Landa's advertised specifications (PSI, GPM, etc.) are certified by the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association to be correct.  And, of course nearly all Landa equipment is ETL certified to UL-1776 and CSA safety standards.

Model GPM PSI Engine CC's Pump RPM Burner Ship Wt
PDHW5-35624E 4.7 3500 Kubota Z602 599 1125 12V DC 905
PDHW5-35624E/SS 4.7 3500 Kubota Z602 599 1125 12V DC 905
PDHW5-35624E/G 4.7 3500 Kubota Z602 599 1125 120V AC 955
PDHW5-35624E/G/SS 4.7 3500 Kubota Z602 599 1125 120V AC 955
  • Rugged tri-plunger High Pressure LANDA Pump with forged brass head and 7-Year Warranty
  • Cast-iron bushing pulleys and two notched V cogged belts provide cooler operation and longer life. Single-rail true-track Pulley Adjustment makes it easy to adjust the belt tension.
  • Super-duty Horizontal Heating Coil, made of cold-rolled, Schedule 80 steel pipe has a 5-Year Warranty and is surrounded by an aluminized steel inner wrap and stainless steel top wrap.
  • Rugged, 2-inch polyester powder-coated channel Steel or Stainless Steel Frame for all-weather resistance includes Forklift Guides for easy mobility
  • Heavy-Duty Fuel-Water Separator has replaceable element for removing water that can damage burner fuel pump.
  • Extra-Large 22-gallon diesel Fuel Tank has elevated fuel lines to prevent debris in fuel from causing damage, and tilts out for easy servicing.
  • Durable polyurethane Battery Box protects battery and is in easily accessible location. (Battery not included)
  • Many Safety Features, including a rupture disk, thermal pump protector and high-temperature shut off to guard against any build up of excessive pressure or heat.
  • Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and are mounted for quick access.
  • 50-ft of 3/8-inch, double-wire braid hose featuring a 24-inch Hose Guard for burst protection.
  • Insulated, spring-loaded Trigger Gun and insulated, dual-lance Variable Pressure Wand make it easy to switch between wash and rinse modes.
  • Helpful Tri-Lingual Labels with operation instructions in English, Spanish and French for owner and operator protection.
  • Conveniently located Control Panel features Keyed Ignition Switch, Burner On/Off Switch, Indicator Lights for glow plug, low water and low oil, Adjustable Thermostat to control temperature, and Hour Meter for total operating time. Models with generator have a 120V GFCI Receptacle.
  • Power Platform is mounted on vibration isolators, to extend the life of the key components.
  • Kubota Factory-Certified application of industrial-duty 599cc Kubota Diesel Engine with keyed Electric Start.
  • 120V Burner models include GFCI receptacle and are powered by reliable 2,900 Watt Generator. (120V Burner Models)
  • 12V Burner models include LANDA SureFire Burner.
  • High-efficiency Burner is mounted on the end for ease of servicing and adjustments
  • Trailer-ready with pre drilled Trailer Mounting Brackets.
  • Extremely versatile with many Options that include Wheel Kit, Float Tank with inlet injection, Hose Reel platform, Downstream Injector, Lift/Stack platform, stainless steel Drip Pan, emergency engine Air Shutoff, and engine Spark Arrestor.
  • Safety Certified to UL-1776 Safety Standards.
  • ISO 9001 Registered.
  • CETA Performance Certified.


  • Wheel Kit
  • Float Tank with inlet injection kit
  • Downstream Detergent Injector Kit
  • Hose Reel Platform Kit
  • Lift/Stack Platform Kit.
  • Lift/Stack Platform Kit, Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Drip Pan Kit
  • Emergency Air Shutoff Kit
  • Engine Spark Arrestor Kit
  • Lifting Sling kit