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Wine Barrel Steam Tool With Digital Thermometer


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  • Our Bordeaux-style Barrel Steaming Tool delivers bacteria-killing sanitation up to a 1/4" deep into wood.
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For those in the know, steam-cleaning your Bordeaux-style wine, beer and spirit barrels is becoming a new standard in effective cleaning and sanitation.  Using the Optima Steamer and our Barrel Cleaning Tool will use a fraction of the water you would use with a pressure washer, kill more bacteria in the surface of the barrel and penetrate deeper, will produce swell in minutes - not hours - and will preserve toasting flavors and character rather than flushing them away.

Our Barrel Tool comes with a quick-connect plug, an independent steam shutoff valve, a digital thermometer, a custom made silicon bung with vented grooves, and a sturdy, heavy base to make sure that a tight, pressurized seal is created.  Mount and let steam do the work as the bung is designed to create just enough pressure for elevated temps but not too much that there will be any popping.