Water Treatment Systems

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Technology Hot-Plate Water Evaporation

Water Maze utilizes two similar hot-plate water evaporation technology approaches.  The first is a natural gas or LP system that incorporates a lower heat chamber and an upper water tank that is made of either carbon steel, for high chloride applications, or two different grades of stainless steel.  Secondly, an electric system with multiple industrial grade electric coiled burners, mounted under the evaporator tank in easy-access service tray.

 Product HBG | HBE

Capable of evaporating waste water at 15 and 30 gallons per hour.  The combustion box in the HBG models is made of advanced heat reflective material and features a unique energy-efficient design for reflecting the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank for energy cost savings.  A high-efficiency burner shoots a flame into the combustion chamber for unusually high energy efficiency.  The unit is made of heavy-duty steel, insulated and double lined for both energy efficiency and safety.

The electric heated HBE models are capable of evaporating water water at 8 gallons per hour.