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Pit Management System



Technology Modular Bioremediation Biosystems

Water Maze offers a variety of bioremediation products that employs the latest biotechnology for treating commercial and industrial waste water that contains organic material (especially oils and greases, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides). Some of the features of our systems include: super-efficient aerobic microbial digesting; enhanced water circulation; routine injection of cultured microbes (non-pathogenic and non-toxic); injection of nutrients for enhanced microbial health; pH control (when required); and effective removal of biomass.  Our Biosystems naturally convert organic (carbon based) contaminants into harmless carbon dioxide and water.  Water Maze bioremediation products vary in size and configuration.  Some may be applied as stand alone product, others may be integrated with other products as part of a system.

Product PM-1000

A module that incorporates: an air pump; diffuser stones, microbes and nutrients injection system with timer, the PM-1000D provides a fully automated, environmentally friendly and low-cost way to manage standing wash water found in collection pits, tanks or sump drains.